Thursday, December 15, 2005

Mejor De - Cuba's Finest!

Best of traditional Cuban products and services available all over the U.S. including: local Cuban restaurants guide, local Cuban bakeries guide, traditional Cuban recipes, Cuban products on-line, local events calender, and live music!

Shop for Cuban products on-line
Cuban food products, Cuban recipes, Cuban art, Cuban memorabilia, Cuban Music, Cuban cookbooks, Cuban cigars, Cuban clothing & more!

Restaurants Guide

Enjoy delicious Cuban dishes at any one of the listed restaurants. Typical Cuban dishes include: paella, arroz con pollo, tamales, empanadas, arroz con frijoles negros, malanga, yucca, platanos fritos, mariquitas, fricase de pollo, picadillo, carne con papas, bistec, lechon asado, boliche, arroz frito, & more!

Bakeries Guide

Enjoy traditional Cuban pastries such as: pastelitos, bocaditos, batidos, guarapo, churros, papa fritas, croquetas, cafe cubano, Cuban coffee, pan cubano, Cuban bread & more!

Salsa Clubs Guide

Best salsa clubs local in your city!


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